Selling in Today's Market

As today's market is continuing to improve , you need to have an agent that has expertise in your area, competitive pricing and familiar with staging a home. 


The market value is going to be what determines the sale of your home. There is no point in over pricing your home.A comparative market analysis will show you what homes in your area have sold for recently.Price your home at market value and it will attract buyers. 

Staging your home

Knowing how to professionally spruce up your home is part of the battle. The other half is figuring out if you have too much furniture, the wrong type or a bad arrangement, and whether it's worth making repairs or staging your home to transform that house an irresistible and desirable showcase for potential buyers. Home staging is about illusions. It's about perfecting the art of creating moods. Staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, more loving and, best of all, it makes home buyers want to buy it. The house needs to shine not need work, you want to attract your buyers and grab their attention while you have it